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xnamex- xBILEx
xunnofficial xcrewx name[make one up]x- XcripwalkX
xagex- 19
xlocationx- Miami, Florida
xgenderx- Male

Xmusic and the sceneX

xname 10 of your favorite bandsx- Aborted, Cursive, Naglfar, Between The Buried And Me, Every Time I Die, A Days Refrain, Saetia, From A Second Story Window, Underoath, Circle Of Dead Children.
xwhat is the last show you attendedx- American Nightmare, Daughters, Fairweather, and The Bled
xwhat fests did you attend last yearx- None.
xhow many records and cds do you ownx- 1 Vinyl, 3 CD's.
xhow much do you spend on merch per showx- If I have enough money I'll get a shirt.
xdescribe how you bring the moshx- Swinging my fist while kicking your limbs.
xname any bands you are friends withx- I know musicians from different local bands so I can't say I actually know a band.

Xfashion, etcX

xhow many tattoos and piercings do you havex- One piercing on my eyebrow.
xwhat type of shoes do you wearx- Oakleys.
xdo you cuff your jeansx- No.
xdo you wear bandanasx- I used to.
xdo you own band shirts/hoodiesx- Of course.
xwould you consider dying your hair black for xcrew, if it's not already blackx- It's already black.
xdo you own brass knucklesx- Nope.
xwhy do you think we shouldn't slice you with our x'sx- Because it'd kill my high.

Ximportant informationX

xare you straightedgex- Nope.
xif so, how long have you been better than everyone else?x- Since B.C.
xare you vegan/vegitarianx- Nope.
xhow many fights have you been inx- Over 10.
xwould you get into a fight if someone was fucking with an xcrewx memberx- Yeah.

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