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xunnofficial xcrewx name[make one up]x- xTRADGEDYx crew?
But I really am a member of xBRASSBUTTERFLIESx; an all girl crew in xRENOx. Well, it was all girl crew until the boys wanted to get in on it.
xagex- sex-teen
xlocationx- xRENOx
xgenderx- cunt

Xmusic and the sceneX

xname 10 of your favorite bandsx-
Badluck13, Evergreen Terrace, Death, Unconquered, Armed for Battle, Norma Jean, Mae, Brand New, Arch Enemy
xwhat is the last show you attendedx- Probably Hatebreed a couple months ago. Reno has turned to shit, so they don't have good shows anymore.
xwhat fests did you attend last yearx- None. Going to Hellfest this year though. Be sure to get the Hellfest 2004 DVD, guaranteed you'll see me getting my xdancex on there.
xhow many records and cds do you ownx- Fuck, I don't know.
xhow much do you spend on merch per showx- I get my shit for free if I want it because I'm that fucking cool.
xdescribe how you bring the moshx- Floor punches, windmills, doubleteaming with those I <3
xname any bands you are friends withx- Kelly from Unconquered, original fucking straight edge shit, if you don't know who they are, then you're not fucking straight edge. Some rad edge local bands here that I'm sure you'll be hearing soon. Some other kids; but they shuffle through bands, so.

Xfashion, etcX

xhow many tattoos and piercings do you havex-
Three edge tattoos. Chestpiece in the making, ass, and inner arm

xwhat type of shoes do you wearx- Whatever the fuck I want to wear.
xdo you cuff your jeansx-Sometimes. Now that it's summer, I wear capris and cuff that shit.
xdo you wear bandannasx- hella
xdo you own band shirts/hoodiesx- yeah
xwould you consider dying your hair black for xcrew, if it's not already blackx- I don't dye my hair to fit in, I dye it because I feel like it. I wouldn't dye it to fit in with a bunch of e-nerds.
xdo you own brass knucklesx- Yeah.
xwhy do you think we shouldn't slice you with our x'sx- because I'd get your first motherfucker.

Ximportant informationX

xare you straightedgex-
Yes ma'am
xif so, how long have you been better than everyone else?x- year & a half
xare you vegan/vegitarianx- veganxedge
xhow many fights have you been inx- Don't worry about it.
xwould you get into a fight if someone was fucking with an xcrewx memberx- The grammar here is horrid. It's a xcrewx member. "An" only goes before a vowel. Don't make us look dumb.
And I fight for those I care about.

3-5 pictures
must show your face and fashion

Who's better now?

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