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xunnofficial xcrewx name[make one up]x- xDontxEatxMeatx
xagex- x16x
xlocationx- xMoorparkx, xCaliforniax
xgenderx- xMalex

Xmusic and the sceneX

xname 10 of your favorite bandsx- Throwdown, Zao, As I Lay Dying, Casey Jones, At The Gates, Children of Bodom, Brujeria, Caliban, Lamb of God, and Toyland (xCheck them out on pure volumex)
xwhat is the last show you attendedx- xlocal show for local bandsx
xwhat fests did you attend last yearx- xnonex
xhow many records and cds do you ownx- xmost of my collection is in mp3s, not CDx
xhow much do you spend on merch per showx- xixdontxknowx
xdescribe how you bring the moshx- xIxLayxThexSmackxDownxOnxThexPosersx
xname any bands you are friends withx- In Memory, From Said Sad Heart (xfriends bandsx)

Xfashion, etcX

xhow many tattoos and piercings do you havex- xnonex
xwhat type of shoes do you wearx- xconsx
xdo you cuff your jeansx- xsometimesx
xdo you wear bandannasx- xnox
xdo you own band shirts/hoodiesx- xhellxyeahx
xwould you consider dying your hair black for xcrew, if it's not already blackx- xFor the xcrewx, anythingx
xdo you own brass knucklesx- xnox
xwhy do you think we shouldn't slice you with our x'sx- xcausexwexshoouldxallxgetxalongx

Ximportant informationX

xare you straightedgex- xYESx
xif so, how long have you been better than everyone else?x- xSincexFreshmanxYearx
xare you vegan/vegitarianx- xVeganx
xhow many fights have you been inx- xA fewx
xwould you get into a fight if someone was fucking with an xcrewx memberx- xhell yeahx


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